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 Marathon Fishing Charters


Marathon Fishing Charters bonefishing flyfishing

Marathon Bonefish Fishing Charters

    The middle of the Florida Keys is known as the islands of Marathon. It's 2 hours south of Miami. Marathon is home to some world class inshore / offshore fishing all year long. The inshore backcountry guides generally target Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon when chasing the "glamour species." But can also find a mix of other species like snapper, barracuda's and shark's when just wanting to bend the rod.  This fishery is good all year long with the peak being April-June during our annual Tarpon Season.  This time of year brings a ton of anglers from all over the world to witness the massive migration of Tarpon 60-200 lbs. These fisherman use light tackle spinning rods and the more advanced use fly fishing gear.


Choose From Two Different Top Of The Line Fishing Boats

Flats Fishing Boat

1-2 Anglers

Sightfishing & Technical Poling

Light Tackle Spinning & Fly Fishing


Bay Boat - Center Console

1-6 Anglers

Fun Fishing, Reef, Wreck, Backcountry, Inshore

Light Tackle Spinning or Snorkeling or Spearfishing


Marathon has a shoreline that is lined with clear flats that are fed by the nearby Gulf Stream. This keeps the water temperature pretty constant ranging 72-85 degrees all year long. Numerous crustaceans such as shrimp and crabs can be found here and pretty much all of our species just love to eat them.  During certain parts of the tide schools of fish will come onto the flats to hunt.  Often times the water is so shallow that the tails of the fish will actually stick out of the water.  This is what we call "Tailing Fish" and is a real treat for any angler to experience.  Here you can see Michelle with a nice Redfish that was caught on a artificial bait.  

Marathon Fishing Charter Redfish flats backcountry fishing

Marathon Flats Fishing


Species Commonly Caught While Fishing In Marathon






Mangrove Snapper


Yellowtail Snapper

Mutton Snapper



Snorkeling Trips For Lobster & Spear Fishing Trips


We also offer Lobster Snorkeling trips during the early months of Lobster Season.  August 6 2013 is opening day of the regular Lobster Season.  We recommend these trips August - October. These snorkel trips will be in shallow water less than 15' deep so even the unexperienced lobster hunters can still catch enough for dinner.  Even though having your own snorkel gear is always preffered we do have extra masks, snorkels, fins, gloves, nets, and tickle sticks available.  4-6 hour trips are recommened for dive trips.  Here in the Florida Keys Monroe County allows 6 LOBSTERS PER PERSON PER DAY LIMIT.


When : August 6 - October

Type : Snorkeling / Lobstering / Spearfishing

How Deep Is The Water: Shallow, Less Than 15 Feet

Length Of Trip : 4-6 Hours




Tarpon Season Trips & Off-Season Tarpon Fishing Charters


Marathon Fishing Tarpon            

Catching Tarpon like this here in Marathon is actually very common during our Spring Tarpon season. (April-June)  The average size fish we catch during this time is between 80-120 lbs. and some can go much larger than that.  If you happen to be visiting Marathon another time of year it may still be possible to catch one.  This is because we do have a resident Tarpon population.  Catching one of these resident Tarpon may be more productive in the early morning hours or into the evening and night time hours.


Average Size Tarpon : 80-120 LBS.

Best Time Of Year : Spring Months Of April-June

However We Can Catch Tarpon All Year Long

Gear : Light Tackle Spin or Fly Fishing

Bait : Live Crabs, Mullet, Pinfish, Pilchards, Lures


 Fun Fishing Trips & Family Fishing Charters


We also provide what we like to call Fun Fishing.  This style is a more familiy oriented style of just getting out there and catching whatever is best during that time of year.  Here you can see a father and his two daughters holding a bunch of Mangrove Snappers they caught during their trip.  It's common for Fun Fishing trips to bring home a few fish for dinner.  We are very strong catch and release advocates but are not opposed to keeping a few in season fish during your trip with us.  Please let us know before hand your intent to bring home a few fish so we can prepare properly.

Fun Fishing Trips In Marathon Area

Species Caught : Snapper, Trout, Sharks, Jacks, Ladyfish

Time Of Year :  All Year Long

Type Of Tackle : Light Tackle Spinning, Lures, & Bait



Fly Fishing Trips & Sightfishing Charters



Fly Fishing in Marathon can be great all year long.  Especially, during our Spring Tarpon Season.  This style of fishing is entirely done using Sightfishing techniques.  Meaning you see the fish before you actually cast to it.  Our water here in the Florida Keys is so clear that with a good pair of polarized sunglasses most of the time you can spot a fish well out of casting range.  This gives the angler enough time to setup on the fish so he may be able to hook it before being detected.  But please be aware its always a good idea to practice your casting as much as possible before your trip with us.  If it's possible for you to take a casting lesson or two before our trip you will get so much more out of our time together.  We do have a lot of patiences with beginners but we really want each person to catch a fish.

Fly Fishing Gear : 8 - 12 Weight Rods Floating Line

Species Targeted : Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Redfish, Sharks, Juvenile Tarpon

Time Of Year : All Year Long