Bass 2 Billfish Television Show Marathon Fishing

Capt. Rich talking about what to expect while Marathon Fishing

Capt. Rich Talking About Fishing In Marathon

Another episode of Bass 2 Billfish with host Peter Miller aired this week on NBC Sports. This was one of the most exciting shows we’ve ever done. It was filmed out of Hawk’s Cay Resort on Duck Key and featured two guests from Wisconsin. These two lucky anglers were treated to a Marathon fishing trip of a lifetime in the Florida Keys.


Image of a monster Goliath Grouper landed while Marathon fishing

Goliath Grouper landed Wreck Fishing in Marathon

From Hawk’s Cay we ventured into the Gulf of Mexico to a wreck that has a wide range of species living on it. For this episode we were after the biggest possible fish we could find. That’s why the Goliath Grouper was perfect for these new to saltwater fishing guests. These fish are found in the Florida Keys commonly over 100 lbs. Here’s Peter wrestling one of the monsters we caught during the show.


Really big grouper caught while fishing in Marathon Florida

Huge Grouper Caught In Marathon

Here’s Peter holding Michelle’s very first Goliath Grouper. We were using a really heavy conventional reel loaded with 200 lb. test Sufix Monofiliament. You can only imagine how intimidating that was for small framed Michelle. This monster Goliath Grouper ate a bait fish larger than the crappie she normally fishes for up in Wisconsin. The bite was intense because the second it ate the large Jack Crevalle it tried to swim back to it’s home inside the wreck, which happened to be a large sunken sailboat. Luckily, Peter had quick reflexes and held onto Michelle before she was pulled into the water. She fought this fish for a few minutes and eventually tired out so we could snap a few pics and send it back to the bottom for it to fight another day.

This is a large shark caught in Marathon while fishing

Marathon Shark Fishing

Our next species we decided to target was large Sharks up on the shallow water flats behind Marathon, FL. We started this endeavor by cutting up the Jacks and Barracuda’s we caught on Rapala lures earlier on the show. These cut up fish create a chum slick in the water that attract Sharks right to the boat. It was exciting to see these 6-10 foot long sharks circling the boat waiting for their chance to eat the bloody baits.


This is a 24' Yellowfin bay boat while Marathon Fishing

Yellowfin 24′ Marathon Fishing Boat

Here’s the gorgeous fishing machine we were using while filming the show. It’s a 24′ Yellowfin Bay Boat loaded with pretty much every kind of toy you can put on a boat of that size. If you’d like to book your own Marathon fishing trip like the one on this episode please email or call for more information.