Florida Keys Wreck Fishing Options: Marathon, Florida

Goliath Grouper Released

Goliath Grouper

Grouper Wreck Fishing

Gag Grouper

Mutton Snapper Fishing

Mutton Snapper Fishing

Amberjack fishing

Amberjack Fishing

The Florida Keys has thousands of wrecks that provide habitat for numerous species of gamefish. These productive fishing spots can found in the Gulf of Mexico as well as in the Atlantic Ocean. We generally use light tackle spinning gear loaded with 10-20 lb test line while wreck fishing targeting species like Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Gag Grouper, Black Grouper, Cobia, Permit, and Jewfish. Weather and time of year dictate which spots will be the most productive.

Details: 4, 6, or 8 hour trips. 1-6 Anglers on 36′ boat or 1-4 recommended on 23′ boat.

Gear Used: Light Tackle Spinning 10-20 lb. test and larger conventional reels for Goliath Grouper.

Bait: Live baits such as shrimp, pilchards, pinfish, mullet, and crabs. We also like using artificial lures when possible.

Our wreck fishing charters begin in the center of the Florida Keys area of Marathon at the Island Fish Company Restaurant. If we choose to fish Gulf side wrecks you can expect a 20-60 minute boat ride depending on the time of year and how far we need to go to get to a productive spot. These Gulf side wrecks are in 10-20 feet of water. If we choose to fish Ocean side wrecks you can expect a 20-40 minute boat ride depending on which one we try to fish. These Ocean side wrecks are in 100-250 feet of water just 5-7 miles from shore.

Mutton Snapper (Lutjanus analis) are one of the prized catches we find on the ocean side wrecks here in the Florida Keys. They range in size but they always put up one heck of a fight. Most of the time we use live bait like Pinfish, Pilchards, and Crabs on a VMC 6/0 Circle Hook to get the bite.

State Record caught here in the Florida Keys = 30 LBS 4 OZ.

Best time of year to target Mutton Snapper = September – June

Another awesome fish we target on the wrecks are Amberjacks (Seriola dumerili). These are one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea. We often call them Reef Donkeys because they pull so hard.

Booking Marathon Wreck Fishing Charters:

We provide 4, 6, and 8 hour wreck fishing charters in the Florida Keys area of Marathon. For more information about pricing please visit our Booking and Reservation page.