Florida Keys Light Tackle Barracuda Fishing Options: Marathon Florida

Barracuda Fishing Marathon Florida

Barracuda Fishing Florida Keys

Marathon FL Barracuda Fishing


Barracuda fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing we have in the Florida Keys. This is because the Barracuda is one of the most aggressive and downright mean fish to catch on light tackle spinning rods. These predators can be found on the shallow water flats stalking small baitfish. We like to use light tackle spinning gear loaded with 10 lb. test line and artificial lures to catch these toothy creatures. But be sure to bring your fishing muscles because with this style of fishing there is lots of casting involved. Usually, we can catch dozens of these Barracuda’s using this technique.

Targeting Barracudas can be fun for just about any skill level. If you can cast 15′ feet chances are you will be able to catch on with us on an artificial lure. For all of you Bass fisherman and Pike fisherman out there this is definitely a fish that should be on your bucket list. These toothy critters will eat many of the same lures that you use while bass fishing. If the lure is shiny and makes noise he will eat it.

Gear Used: Light Tackle Spinning 10 lb braided line, Rapala lures

World Record – 5.5′ feet long and 103 LBS.

Florida Record – 67 lbs.

The Great Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda) can be found inshore as well as offshore. They can be found all over the world in warm tropical waters near the equator. The numbers in the State of Florida have been declining which is why FWC has imposed new regulations on harvesting them. We always consider Barracudas as a catch and release species.

Booking Barracuda Fishing Charters:

We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour Barracuda fishing trips in the middle Florida Keys area of Marathon. For more information about pricing please visit our Booking and Reservation page.