Florida Keys Tarpon Fishing : Marathon, Florida

South Florida and the Florida Keys is known for it’s warm weather, great sunsets, and spectacular fishing. One of the most exciting species of fish we have is the Tarpon. These fish are known for their acrobatic jumps and long drag screaming runs. Anglers can catch Tarpon using either live bait, lures, and even fly fishing flies. It all depends on the skill level of the fisherman and of course what kind of mood the fish are in that particular day. We don’t just sit you in a chair and hand you a rod with a fish on it. Each of our anglers will have a hands on listening and learning experience. Captain Rich wants you to learn as much as possible about these fish during your trip that way you will have the same appreciation as he does when hopefully you land your trophy Tarpon.

Best Time: Even though we do have large Tarpon all year long the Spring months of March – May. are the best for large schools of migrating Tarpon. Juvenile Tarpon can be caught all year long during warm calm weather patterns.

How We Catch Tarpon: Light Tackle Spin 20-50lb. braided lines using live bait or artificial lures. Fly Fishing Equipment is usually a 12 wt. fly line for large Tarpon and 5-10 wt. fly line for smaller fish.

Tarpon Fishing 101: The Tarpon can be found all over the Florida Keys. They spend the early years of their lives in backcountry mangrove areas. Usually in small schools cruising the edges of the roots eating small bugs, shrimp, and baitfish. These roots provide a protective shelter from larger predators like birds, barracudas, and sharks. When fishing for these juvenile tarpon we like to use fly fishing equipment as well as soft plastic artificial worms on light tackle rods. Baby Tarpon are a lot of fun because of the violent strikes and numerous acrobatic jumps.

Where We Find Juvenile Tarpon: Hiding in backcountry mangrove areas throughout the Florida Keys.

Tarpon Fishing Boats: Marathon, FL.

23′ center console – 1-4 customers. Only 2 rods fishing at a time. Live bait and Bahia Honda Bridge, 7 Mile Bridge, and Long Key Bridge. Departs from our docks in Marathon, FL. at the Island Fish Company Restaurant.

18′ Flats Boat – 1-2 customers. 1-2 rods fishing at a time depending on how we target them that day. Sight fishing on the flats and mangrove edges. Artificial lures or flies only no live bait on the flats skiff. This boat may depart from a different location because it is trailered to launch closer to wherever the fish may be at that time.

Tarpon Fishing Charter Rates and Booking:

Tarpon fishing charters can be 4, 6, or 8 hours long but it depends on the time of year and what the weather is doing that particular day. Our Tarpon Fishing charter rates and booking information can be found on our Booking and Reservation page.