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Angling Adventures is located in the Middle Florida Keys Islands of Marathon, Florida.  From there we are able to access the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and The Everglades in Florida Bay

The Atlantic Ocean has many near shore shallow water flats and inshore patch reefs within 2-3 miles from shore.  On the rougher days we usually stay in this area so it’s not too rough and everyone is comfortable catching fish.  About 4-5 miles from shore is where the actual reef line that runs parallel to the Florida Keys is located.  At the shallowest parts of the reef near Sombrero Reef Lighthouse the depth of water is less than 10 feet of water.  This is where most of the Snorkel and Dive Boats will take their customers.  Most of the fishing on the reef takes place in 20-75 feet of water.  On the outside edge of the reef is where the drop offs are located. Within 1-3 miles outside of the reef is where most of the offshore wrecks we fish are located. These wrecks are usually located in 150-250 feet of water.