Florida Keys Winter Time Fishing Options

Spanish Macherel

The cooler months of November through March the fishing in the Florida Keys is controlled by the weather.  One day it can be flat calm and 85 degrees and the next it can be 65 degrees and windy.  There are many different options as to what to fish for and how to do it.  Your charter boat captain can recommend several different options and species to catch generally 2-3 days before your scheduled charter.  99.9% of the time we are able to get out on the water and have a great day no matter what the weather is doing.  It is very rare that we have to cancel a fishing charter because there are so many different areas to fish here in the Florida Keys.  For example: If the day of your charter happens to be really windy we might recommend to fish in the backcountry area of the Gulf of Mexico that way we will be in shallower water and can even hide behind the flats and mangrove islands so the water isn’t too choppy.  Or if the day of your charter happens to be really calm we might recommend to fish out on the reef or even some deeper water wrecks.  Winter time fishing is all about the weather forecast.  Here at Angling Adventures we watch the weather constantly.  Not exaggerating at all we probably check the weather forecast 10 times a day even on the rare days we don’t have a charter.  Trust in your captain to make the right call on where to fish that particular day.  We have been doing this a very long time and we always want our customers to come back to the dock with smiles and pictures to brag about their awesome day with us.

Common Species Caught : Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Hogfish, Porgies, Yellow Jacks, Jack Crevalle, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, Black Grouper, Cobia, Redfish, Snook, Barracuda, Sharks, Spanish Mackerel.

Types Of Fishing Available :  Live Bait, Cut Bait, Artificial Lures, Patch Reef, Bottom Fishing, Wreck Fishing, Flats Fishing, and Everglades Backcountry Fishing.

Aeon 23 Rich Smith

Winter Time Fishing Boat: During the winter time we like to use our larger charter boat because it is more comfortable than our backcountry flats skiff.  It can accommodate 1-6 anglers but is most comfortable with 1-4 customers.  Because of the unique design of this 23′ center console we are able to still access the shallow inshore waters of the Florida Keys as well as hit the patch reefs and wrecks.  This boat only draws 12″ of water to access the flats but can still get out in the deep water if need be. It really is a comfortable fishing machine.

Accessories Found Aboard : State of the art Simrad electronics which includes a NSS12, NSS7 Evo2, 3D Structure Scan, and a Sonic Hub to control the JL Audio Speakers for music.  Massive 50 Gallon livewell.  Two Yeti brand cooler for your food and drinks, spacious dry storage, and separate iced down fish boxes if you choose to keep a few fish for dinner.


Flats Fishing Boat

Technical Flats Boat: For the more advanced 1-2  angler trips that would like to sight fish using light tackle spinning or fly fishing gear.  This skiff will quietly pole in 8″ of water which allows us to sneak up on spooky Florida Keys gamefish species such as Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish.  Please note that weather is very critical for being able to do this kind of fishing.  We will discuss what the best options for making the best of your day booked with us.