Florida Keys Fly Fishing Trips: Marathon, Florida

If your a adventurous fly fisherman the keys should be at the top of your desired destinations. Here in South Florida we have a huge variety of species that can be caught in a single while fly fishing. For example, if you choose to stay close to Miami and flyfish Biscayne Bay you can target Bonefish, Permit, and Tarpon in a single day just about in the same exact spots. Or if you venture into the backcountry of the Florida Everglades you can chase Snook, Redfish, and Tarpon in some of the most beautiful waters on the entire United States.

Fly fishing in the Florida Keys can be a whole lot of fun. Almost every moth of the year every single species we have can be caught. For example, a really fun thing to do is venture to Flamingo which is located inside Everglades National Park just west of Miami and target juvenile Tarpon. These fish are in large numbers cruising around the Mangrove shoreline edges. Fly Anglers will want a 5-8 weight fly rod to catch these fish ranging from 1-25 lbs. These fish like to come up to the surface for a gulp of air. We call this rolling fish and once you see it you try to cast your fly in the same area and most of the time you will get a bite. Once you do hold on because your in for a really great fight filled with acrobatic jumps. Without a doubt no other fish fights harder than a saltwater fish.

Fly Fishing Gear We Use

We believe in using only the finest in equipment during our fishing charters. This is why we use Van Staal C-VEX Fly Reels in combination with X-Roxz Custom Made Fly Rods. Van Staal is the leader in Saltwater Fishing Reels. Their motto “No Limitations” is a fact. Their reels are made to put up with the Saltwater’s toughest environments. There are no limits on where you can go and how big of a fish you can catch. After nearly 10 years of using Van Staal reels we can honestly say we’ve never lost a fish because of the reel.

Each of our fly rods are custom made by Jim Mercier owner of X-Rodz in Kirkland, Washington. His line of rods are custom tooled for specific applications. For example, if the wind is very calm and we are fishing for tailing bonefish we use an ultra slow action 7 weight rod so the fly line will hit the water softly. Or if we are fishing in higher winds we will use a much faster action rod so you can get the fly where it needs to be to catch the fish. Our X-Rodz custom made rods allow our anglers better shots at catching fish. With an environment like ours here in South Florida we’ll take every advantage we can to catch more fish.

Booking Marathon Fly Fishing Charters:

We offer 4, 6, and 8 hour fly fishing charters out of the middle Florida Keys area of Marathon. For more information about pricing please visit our Booking and Reservation page.