Florida Keys Fishing – July, August, September


Florida Keys summertime fishing is usually best on the patch reefs and wrecks.  During these hotter months we usually try to fish only 4-6 hour trips because the fish bite better before the temperatures get too hot.  Not to mention most anglers would rather be in the water or in a cool spot in the shade during the hot afternoon hours.

Fishing Trip Info: 4 or 6 hour Charters using live bait on the reefs and wrecks is your best bet.

Combination Shark & Reef Trip: During this 6 hour trip you will fish on a patch reef for Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, and other reef species.  Catch dinner if you so choose.  Then later in the trip you would sight fish for large 4-10 foot long sharks up on the flats.