Luke's Redfish

Luke’s Redfish

Fishing in Marathon and pretty much anywhere in South Florida during February has it’s ups and downs. Late winter time down here the weather can be very hard to predict. One day it’s in the upper 80’s with clear blue skies and the next its cold and windy. It’s a little luck and timing the cold fronts to your advantage if you can. Here’s Luke on the right fishing with me out of Flamingo in the backcountry waters of the Florida Everglades holding a respectable size Redfish. Generally speaking, the most consistent fishing we do during this time of year is out of the Everglades. I like to target Redfish, Trout, Snook, and if it’s warm enough even Tarpon. All of these fish can be caught on spin and fly.

Luke's Snook

Luke’s Snook

Snook fishing has been getting better since the freeze of January 2010 but still not quite back to catching the numbers I was accustomed to catching. This year I’ve actually started to get a little excited again which is good. Depending on the moon phase this February we saw catches each day from just a couple to maybe as high as 15 per day in the Snook category. I would say by 2013 that number should double which is great. When targeting these fish I will use a variety of baits from Live Shrimp to Rapala lures to even Soft Plastic Baits. Snook are highly aggressive and put up a great fight. Often I tell out of town guys they are very much like a Large Mouth Bass on steroids.

Oleg's Trout

Oleg’s Trout

On the right you can see Oleg holding a nice sized trout which was caught in the Everglades on a Rapala Twitching Rap. He fished with me and his two buddies and we had a ball catching a bunch of these guys along with a few Redfish, a whole bunch of Jack Crevailles, and even a Tarpon. This is typical of the Everglades fishing during February. There is always a bunch of numbers being thrown up in that area because of how remote it is compared to where everyone else fishes near Marathon and down into the Florida Keys.