“Fishing Is Hot & Charters Are Not”


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That seems to be the common talk among Miami fishing guides during the month of September. Every year during the month of September I always wonder why there aren’t many people wanting to go fishing. Yea I understand it’s the end of summer and it’s time to get the kids back in school and establish that daily routine again. But come on guys, do you have any idea what you are missing?

Nate Redfish 1

Everglades Redfish


Nate Redfish 2

Mogan Sized Redfish


Hammerhead and Tarpon

Hammerhead Shark Eating Tarpon

Over the last several weeks I have had the chance to get out with some of my captain buddy friends and do a little play fishing. And the pure Fish Maddness we have seen in the backcountry will absolutely blow you away. Just last Friday Captain Nate Wheeler and I launched from Marathon in the middle of the Florida Keys and headed due north across Florida Bay into Everglades National Park and fished from Ponce De Leon Bay down to Sandy Key. The weather was gorgeous, seas were flats calm, and the fishing was out of this world! Not to mention not a single boat in sight all day long. It was almost like we were fishing in an area that hasn’t been fished before. The fish were so dumb one of us would hook a Redfish and while we were reeling him in a school would follow him to the boat and all we would have to do is drop a shrimp beside the hooked one and another one would eat it next to the boat. By the end of the day we must have landed over 50 Redfish of all sizes. With fishing this good during the month of September it really is a wonder why more people don’t want to get out on the water.

Hammerhead and Tarpon 2

10 Foot Hammerhead Shark

On the way home we decided to slow down next to Sandy Key just to see if anything looked fishy when all of a sudden a tarpon leaps out of the water in about 3 feet of water. We got a little closer to investigate and then all hell broke loose. It was actually a 30-40 lb. Tarpon swimming for his life trying to excape from a 10 foot Hammerhead Shark. I quickly turned on the video camera and tried to get in the action. This had to be one of the wildest things I have ever witnessed. Most captain’s have unfortunately seen or had a Tarpon eaten by a shark when they are hooked but not many of us have seen a shark get one freely in the wild like this. This shark was so aggressive he was totally unphased by us and would stop at nothing to get his meal.

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Tarpon Vs. Hammerhead Shark