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With the frigid cold winter the entire northeast has been experiencing it’s no wonder we’ve seen a giant increase of fishing charters book in Marathon from Buffalo New York. The Florida Keys has been experiencing a typical winter time with temperatures ranging from 58-84 degrees. That means lots of sunshine and of course some really spectacular fishing trips. Our customers have been having a blast catching a wide range of fish species including Grouper, Snapper, Cobia, Trout, Porgies, Hogfish, Mackerels, Barracuda’s, and of course really big Sharks.

With the slight temperature drops we’ve had in the Florida Keys we’ve seen an increase in the number of fish that have also shown up. Even though our cold fronts aren’t as harsh as up in New York they still signal species of fish like Cobia to migrate to South Florida. March is a great month to target large cobia in the Gulf of Mexico nearshore and inshore wrecks. These fish range in size but usually the one’s we see are between 5-50 lbs. Once hooked these fish are a great fight on light tackle spinning rods. Not to mention they are also considered one of the best fresh fish species we see in the Florida Keys area of Marathon.

The Florida Keys and Marathon islands are great for a wide variety of fish to catch during the winter time. Our fishing charters have been averaging 6-12 different species per trip using live bait all in a 4 hour trip. Our longer 6 or 8 hour trips have been able to catch that many species and even get into some larger fish. So if your in the Buffalo New York area hurry to book your fishing trip with us while the fishing is hot. There have been a lot of cheap flights from New York to Miami International Airports. Our customers have been mentioning Expedia for the best flight and hotel rates.

Our recent fishing trips have also been catching a lot of Hogfish, Yellowtail Snapper, and Porgies. These are a lot of fun to catch for experienced and begginers on light tackle spinning gear. Usually we use live shrimp for the Hogfish and Porgies because that’s part of their usual crustacean diet. The Hogfish especially is known as a Florida Keys local’s delicacy for table fare. It can be prepared numerous ways but because it is such a mild filet we recommend grilling it with very light seasonings. You won’t be sorry it’s delicious.

Here’s Rick with a really nice speckled trout he caught while fishing with us near Marathon. Trout usually start to show up here in the Florida Keys at the beginning of winter and stay till the end of spring time. They can be caught using live bait as well as artificial lures. If we get into a great bite we like using Rapala X-Raps on light 10 lb. spinning rods. They are often times mixed in with schools of Spanish Mackerel and Mangrove Snapper. So you can only imagine the great time you’ll have reeling in fish after fish here in the Florida Keys.

Here’s John with another nice Grouper he caught in Marathon, FL. He came down from Albany New York as well because of the massive amounts of snow he’s had to put up with this winter. He booked us for a Marathon 6 hour fishing trip and managed to catch a ton of Mangrove Snapper, Jacks, Grouper, and almost a Cobia. That was the one that got away. But he’s hooked and will be back to fish with us again in the future. Thank you to all our New York charter clients. We really appreciate your business!!!

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