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Josh and Toss left the frigid cold they’ve been experiencing in Boston for some fun Florida Keys fishing. They’d been shoveling snow every day for several weeks and Marathon, Florida was the perfect place to vacation. They chose Hawk’s Cay resort located on Duck Key because it had everything they needed for the romantic couples retreat. Josh was able to lock down a special rate through the travel website Expedia. Many of our customers take advantage of these discount travel websites to save a little hard earned money.

During their Marathon fishing charter Josh and Toss were able to catch a wide variety of fish. One day we targeted Barracuda’s and Jacks with Rapala lures on the edges of the flats. We caught several fish on light tackle and kept a few to use as bait for Sharks. After we had enough bait we traveled into the backcountry flats behind Marathon to the Shark fishing spot. We cut about a dozen Barracudas up and bled them into the current to attract the sharks. Within 10 minutes we had dozens of large 4-10 foot long sharks circling the boat. Once they were near us all we had to do was pitch them a fresh bait.

Toss from Boston really had a blast hooking a wide variety of species. Here she is hooked up to a really nice Grouper on light tackle. On our second fishing trip we decided to hit a inshore wreck behind Marathon for some rod bending action. They were able to catch numerous Mangrove Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Jacks, and Grouper. We just kept enough for dinner and release had to release all the Groupers because they were out of season.

Josh has been fishing with us for several years now and he knows that even though the temperatures don’t drop as low here in the Florida Keys as they do in Boston it still does effect the fishing. So for this trip we decided to scrap the usual fly fishing outfits and stick with light tackle spin for the most action. Together Josh and Toss were able to catch well over 100 fish while fishing on this single Marathon wreck. This type of fishing can be done all year long and is great for all experience levels and ages. This type of fishing trip is great for anyone wanting to take home a fresh Florida Keys fish dinner.

Toss was able to entice this nice snapper with a live pinfish. Once it was hooked it really gave her a hard fight because they are known for trying to swim back inside the wrecks and break snoozing anglers lines. But she wasn’t giving up because she knew that if she wanted that fresh fish dinner she would have to put the hammer down on him.

Jumping a juvenile Tarpon on a Rapala lure. While fishing for Barracuda’s we were luck enough to have a nice school of Tarpon start rolling near us. After a few blind cast near the rolling fish one of the juvenile Tarpon went for the lure. Josh is a seasoned Tarpon angler so he was prepared for the violent strike Tarpon are known for.

It really was a pleasure fishing with these guys. We always appreciate the relationships we’ve established with our repeat clients. So if your freezing up north we invite you to escape to Marathon. We promise you will get into some really great fishing here in the Florida Keys and might even get a sun tan! But be sure to pack your sunscreen.

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