Tarpon Fishing Charters At Bahia Honda Booking Now

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Bahia Honda Is Spectacular For Tarpon Fishing

It’s that time of year again. Florida Keys Tarpon season is almost here and our booking calendar is almost full. Every year giant Tarpon migrate to Bahia Honda bridge during the months of April, May, and June awaiting the spawn.


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Bahia Honda Tarpon Fishing Trip

Bahia Honda Tarpon fishing is considered the best “Silver King” destination in the Florida Keys. These fish average 120 lbs. and can be found here during the spring months literally by the thousands. Because Tarpon are a mostly nocturnal fishing for them in the low light and night time hours. We offer two trips Tarpon fishing trips a day during Spring. Our morning trip will start between 7-8 AM and our afternoon trip will start between 4-5 PM and generally last 4 hours. The morning trip can last as long as 6 hours if you so choose.

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Tarpon Fishing at Bahia Honda Bridge

The old Bahia Honda Bridge which is no longer in operation was originally part of Henry Flagler’s Overseas Highway. It was used as a railroad from 1912 – 1938 and a highway from 1938-1980. The completion of the bridge showed and unbelievable amount of perseverance. Thousands of workers were killed during the construction of the Overseas Highway because of periodic storms as well as the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Florida Keys in 1935. Today it still stands as a gorgeous backdrop for some of the most spectacular Tarpon fishing on the planet. When hooked up to a fish you almost feel like you are stepping back in time when you see old Bahia Honda Bridge as a backdrop to a Tarpon jump.