Florida Keys Summertime Mahi Fishing:

Florida Keys Mahi Fishing

Mahi Fishing In Marathon FL

This summer the offshore Mahi fishing has been on fire. They showed up in big numbers in June and are still going strong in August. When the weather is calm enough, we have been sneaking out in our center console looking for birds, structure, and weedlines. Mahi travel in large schools devouring anything in their path in these locations. Most of the time we try to sight-fish for them throwing lures, flies, chunk bait, and even live bait. Mahi are very aggressive and put up a great fight. It has been really exciting catching anywhere from 15 to over 50 per trip.

Here’s just one of the great days we’ve had this summer targeting Mahi Mahi. In this picture you can see one of our longtime customers Brian and his son Hunter standing next to a nice haul of offshore Mahi. Most of these fish were caught while sight fishing with artificial squid lures. We found one massive school of fish and probably caught 30 fish in the school one right after another. The trick is to keep one fish on the line near the boat at all times so the school will stay around. Brian was even able to catch a few fly fishing in that school.

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